The Thank You Economy book - purchasing decision

The way I ordered "The Thank You Economy"

This article is about the process that led to the purchase of book "The Thank You Economy" written by Gary Vaynerchuk.

The very first time I heard about Gary V. was from iTunes podcast from Tim Francis Marketing (1000% Marketing Podcast). See his site


YouTube videos - Gary's reputation increased

Then I saw Gary's website and a few videos on YouTube. I was impressed. Gary is an entertaining motivator with his own style of presentation. Also he is not afraid to use "bad" words like "f*ck" or "sh*t" and that separates him from any other speaker. Believe me, he knows how to use "bad words" that made a sense.


Also I found, that Gary wrote a book (The Thank You Economy), but I was not so interested to buy one. Actually I was not prepared to buy anything from him. I just watched his videos and I was amazed by his performance.

What was the golden impact - that forced me to buy a book

The final call to buy a book was Gary's simple responce on Twitter. Really, by only two words "Thank u".

I have to say, that my first reaction was not taken seriously, BUT, Gary answered me and actually he say "Thank u". This small answer changed my mind and it was nearly impossible to NOT Buy. I simply HAVE TO.

Do you have also a story, that made an impact to your purchase decision? I would like to hear about it. Write a comment!


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